How Much Does It Cost To Weld A Catalytic Converter


When your catalytic converter stops working, it is no longer protecting you from car pollution. This can be due to two things: breakage of the converter or clogging of the filters in the system. If you are experiencing one or both of these issues, you will need to have your vehicle inspected to determine if they can be repaired or if you will need to replace it!

Welding is an excellent way to repair a broken catalytic converter. In this article, we will talk about how much welding costs and what factors affect that cost. Then, we will tell you some easy ways to save money when doing the work yourself!

Removing and replacing a catalytic converter is not a simple process. Therefore, price information will vary depending on who does the work for you and where they do it. By knowing the average cost per converter, as well as potential savings, you will know whether or not to try this service yourself!

Price Information

Most major auto body shops and manufacturers list the average cost to weld a catalytic converter between $150 – $250.

However, there are several other components of the conversion that contribute to the overall expense. For example, some tools and materials may be left out pre-weld, which reduce the total time needed to perform the job and therefore cut down on labor expenses.

Also, some companies will include the shipping fee for the new converter when calculating their final bill.

Find a good location for your shop

how much does it cost to weld a catalytic converter

Even though you can do this at home, there is still some investment needed to run a successful catalytic converter welding business. This includes buying or renting heavy duty equipment such as welders, grinders, spray booths, etc.

In fact, most professional converters have their own dedicated machines that they use exclusively for welding. These companies also have trained staff members that handle all of the different components of the process.

You will need to be able to take care of your machine while it’s in operation which may not necessarily be your strength if you’ve never worked with metal before.

Fund your project

how much does it cost to weld a catalytic converter

Since catalytic converters are not expensive, most people do not consider them as a major expense. However, funding your project can sometimes be tricky.

You will need some extra money for materials to weld the converter onto the vehicle. You may also want to buy or make new parts such as connectors and gaskets.

In addition to having enough funds to complete the job, you should know how to install the converter correctly so that it does not damage the engine or car. Only trained professionals can ensure this!

Your local shop can usually help you out by donating equipment or material scraps.

Prepare your engine

how much does it cost to weld a catalytic converter

The next step in replacing your vehicle’s catalytic converter is making sure your engine is ready for welding. Make sure you have enough fuel, test the fire of your combustion source, and check that there are no dry places within your engine.

You should also make sure that you do not have any kind of lubricant in your engine before welding the converter. Some types of oil can damage or even prevent the converter from working properly.

Once everything is prepped correctly, it is time to begin welding!

Welding the new converters onto the old ones will take some time depending on how many components need to be welded together. However, our experts at A1 Auto Body & Repair have some tips for you.

We would recommend doing one small section at a time so that you do not have to put too much pressure on the torch while completing the task. Once this part is done, you can then move onto another area until all parts are completed.

Do a test run

A catalytic converter will not work if you try to weld it onto your car. Therefore, before trying this at home, do a test run with a similar model vehicle. If you are able to start your engine without any problems, then there is probably no need to perform the welding process!

It would be best to pull over immediately after performing the welding procedure so that you can stop quickly or find a place to park. Doing so will prevent any damage to the exhaust system or surrounding parts of the car.

After testing, make sure you both cleanly unplug the old converters and install the new ones! Make sure they fit properly as well. You may also want to double check that your car’s mechanic has installed them correctly since he or she did not see the welding process being done.

Welding a catalytic converter is definitely an experiment way to improve performance of your automobile! However, unless you have some experience doing so, don’t take chances with expensive cars. Try something simpler first like changing the oil or replacing a filter.

Obtain your catalytic converter

how much does it cost to weld a catalytic converter

The next step is to obtain your old catalytic converter. You can either do it yourself or have someone else do it for you. Depending on how much welding you want to do, it will cost you different amounts!

If you are just starting out weeding your vehicle of polluting substances then there are some very inexpensive ways to get this done. Some companies offer free replacements if you purchase their new converters at the same time.

However, they may not be the highest quality so try your best to find one that doesn’t leak before buying that second set.

Welding your own converter is definitely an affordable way to go but only if you know what you are doing. There are many sites online with all sorts of tricks and tips for people who feel comfortable trying something like this themselves.

Connect your catalytic converter to your engine

how much does it cost to weld a catalytic converter

Now that you have determined it is needed, you will need to get yourself a new catalytic convertor. This is what most people call an “aftermarket” part. An aftermarket part is one that you can buy separate from your vehicle.

Most automakers include them as a standard item or at least offer them as an option. They are typically sold in auto parts stores and online sites specific to cars and engines.

Connecting your current converter to your car may require some tinkering with wires and/or clamps.

Connect your catalytic converter to your battery

how much does it cost to weld a catalytic converter

Now that you have determined if your vehicle needs a new converter, you will need to get it connected to your electricity source and/or to your old one.

Making sure your connection is correct depends on how many connections there are and what kind of connector they use. There are three main types of connectors for cars: spring-loaded, clamp-type, and male-to-male.

Spring loaded connectors require some sort of tension before they work, so make sure to pull out all the gadgets and tools before connecting up the converter!

Clamp style connectors use shape to hold onto each other. Make sure your new converter has these! If it does not then you will need to find something with this feature.

Male-to-male connectors simply connect two sets of wires together.

Connect your catalytic converter to your wiring

how much does it cost to weld a catalytic converter

Once you have determined that your car needs a new catalytic convertor, you will need to decide where to get one!

Most major automotive parts suppliers offer free shipping for orders above $200. This is a great way to save money by buying all of the components in bulk.

But what if you are only spending around $100 on a catalytic converters? Luckily, most manufacturers will do at least a quick check to make sure yours works before sending it off for installation.

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