How Much Does It Cost To Tint Tail Lights


Changing your car’s interior color is one of the fun way to give your vehicle a new look. However, it is important to know how much money you should spend on tinted headlights or tail lights before doing so.

There are many different types of headlight tints and tail light shades that can be installed onto your vehicle. Some are completely seamless while others have slight gaps around the edges. The price per square foot for each type of tint depends on the thickness of the material and where it is placed on your car.

Tinting your car’s brakes, wheels, and other body parts is also expensive depending on what kind of grade you want to achieve. Unfortunately, buying online does not always offer quality control over the product being shipped. Make sure to do some research and check out several sellers to make sure they stand behind their products.

This article will discuss the prices of changing the intensity of taillight bulbs as well as the cost of installing darker rims or wheel covers.

Cost of tail lights

how much does it cost to tint tail lights

When talking about cost, what kind of price are we referring to? The average person may not know where to begin when it comes to buying new car parts.

When talk part prices, there are three major categories: mounting brackets, lenses, and housings. Mounting brackets refer to what goes onto your vehicle’s frame, like for headlights or taillights. Lenses are the pieces that cover the bulb inside (for example, a white light lens covers a white bulb), and housings are the enclosure that surrounds both the bracket and the lens (the chrome or plastic casing, for instance).

The difference in costs is dependent upon the type of vehicle you own and whether or not you want aftermarket additions. If you do, then you will pay more for them! This can be expensive if you don’t watch out for a good deal. However, being aware of all the different components makes painting yours less daunting, especially since professionals have easy access to these things.

Warrantied tail lights

Warranty is one of the most important parts of any vehicle sale. A warranty gives you some degree of peace of mind in terms of the vehicle working properly, or at least like it did before you bought it.

Warranties are typically for either a specific amount of time (examples-wiper blades, windows) or a set dollar amount (vehicle components). Most warranties have you return the vehicle within a certain period of time so that your budget can be adjusted accordingly.

Tail light warranties are very common but often times people do not know what to look for when they try to check them. Many manufacturers include limited warranties on all new headlights, taillights, turn signals, and/or brake lights.

It is extremely important to verify that these warranties exist as well as make sure that they go beyond just having been replaced once! Some will refer to this as an extended service plan (ESP), conversion package, or collector’s item warranty.

Reputable tail light companies

how much does it cost to tint tail lights

As mentioned before, professional tinting services will have you verify that your vehicle is able to handle their products before applying them. This way, you can be sure that what they use for paint is safe for your car and won’t cause any issues.

Some things to look out for include whether or not the employees are wearing protective clothing such as gloves and masks, and if there is an adult supervising children who work at the facility.

It is also important to make sure that the colors used in the tints match those of your vehicle so no one notices that something is off! Some brands only offer professionally installed tints, which is another reason to do your research.

Vehicle owners should always check out several reviews prior to making a purchase, as this will help determine if the company is trustworthy.

Do I need to have my tail lights tinted

how much does it cost to tint tail lights

While it is not legally required, most car manufacturers recommend that your vehicle be professionally installed light tinting or darkening of the rear windows. This helps prevent onlookers from being able to tell how much money you have or whether or not you are going to win the game this week.

Tinting your headlights can also help protect your passengers’ eyes in the event of an accident by reducing their exposure to harmful UV rays. However, never apply anything but professional level products such as those manufactured by OEM suppliers!

OEM Suppliers: Check before buying

You want to make sure what you buy is for installation onto your own vehicles and not a product sold off-the-shelf. Many companies take advantage of people’s natural sympathy for the automotive industry and sell low quality aftermarket headlight tints that don’t last and potentially harm yourself and others around you.

What color should my tail lights be tinted

how much does it cost to tint tail lights

When deciding what colors to dye your car’s taillights, make sure they are not already in stock! Companies that manufacture dyes for cars produce limited shades of each hue which is why people have so many different looking tails.

Tinting your vehicle’s headlights has become very popular as well. There are several reasons to do this, one of them being improving visibility during night time driving. By adding some shade to the glass, it helps reduce excessive glare from other drivers.

Another reason to add tints to your car is personal style. Some people like having fun decorations in their car, and investing in quality tint products is a good way to achieve that.

There are two main types of tint you can get for your car’s taillights- cellular grade and full body coverage. Cellular grade only covers the lens of the light while full body coverage also adds shading to the whole bulb assembly.

Full body coverage comes in lighter levels where you can see through part of the light, medium level where you can see slightly more than a cell phone cover, and darker levels where you cannot tell if the light is turned on or off. Your choice depends on how much darkness you want to conceal the light source.

How to pick your tint color

how much does it cost to tint tail lights

Choosing your tail light tint color is an important decision! Luckily, you are not obligated to get every car in the world’s most expensive trim level with dark tails, nor do you have to go all out and buy every option that comes standard.

Most cars these days come stock with amber or neutral toned taillights which look very classy and elegant, so if you feel that style is more your taste, then you can leave those bright colors for the newer generation of drivers.

However, if you love the way darker shades make vehicles pop and show off their shape, then it is good to start exploring some new options. An easy first step is to find your vehicle at a close-in dealership and see what they offer as accessories.

Some dealerships will let you browse through the online inventory, test drive the car, and even take it home for the day – all without buying anything other than gas! Many times, they will include freebies like hats and t-shirts to help promote their brand.

Can I drive my car with the lights tinted

how much does it cost to tint tail lights

Although it is illegal to have darkly painted tailights in your vehicle, most cars these days come with stock white tails or light gray ones at least. Luckily, you can easily change this!

Most manufacturers offer aftermarket accessories for your car that allow you to customize the look of your back-up lights. You will need to do some research online or from your local auto dealership to find which ones are best for your make and model.

Some things to consider are whether or not they are waterproof, how much pigment they contain, and if there is a regulator so nothing happens if someone touches them. Make sure to check out both seller reviews as well as company reviews before buying anything.

We’ve gathered information about just how expensive tailed headlights can be, and also what people paid around the internet.

How will my car perform with the lights tinted

how much does it cost to tint tail lights

When your vehicle’s headlights go dark, it can be tricky to determine whether that is due to poor performance or illegal modification. Luckily, experts share their knowledge about light tints in many different conditions, so you know what to expect!

If there are no specific guidelines for headlight brightness, then professional grade headlights would be our best guess as to how much intensity is needed. Since they cost around $1,000-2,000 each, we’re not suggesting going out and buying one unless you are sure that your vehicle needs one!

Instead, find a shop that sells aftermarket parts and see if they have anything close to those levels of illumination. If so, buy them! They may also have darker filters that can be installed to reduce the brightness of the light even more.

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