How Much Does It Cost To Repaint A Jeep Wrangler


Many people enjoy painting their cars, bikes, or other vehicles. While some do it as a form of expression, most choose to paint for practical reasons. Painting is a way to refresh an item’s look, take it down a color tone, or give it a new style.

When investing in materials to restore your vehicle, make sure you know what products are sold close out or clearout items at your local automotive stores. A lot of brands have sales events where they discontinue colors or formulas!

By going through a process called “stripping,” you can begin to work on the surface layers of your car. This includes taking off worn protective coatings like primer, basecoat, and topcoats. Once these are removed, you can start painting!

This article will talk about how much it costs to repaint a one-color Jeep Wranglers. We will also discuss some things that may affect how much money you spend to update your favorite hue.

Test the paints for quality

how much does it cost to repaint a jeep wrangler

When painting any vehicle, there are several things that you need to look into. For example, does the paint say it is water resistant? If so, then great! But, how do you test this? You can’t really pour gallons of water on the car and see if it works, so what people will do is use a spray bottle and hit the surface with some water.

Does not show signs of rusting or chipping means it probably isn’t durable enough. There may be another brand that is just as good but costs less which would make more sense in terms of money.

There are also different types of coats used when applying a new coat of paint. Glossy, matte, flat sheen — they all affect the durability of the paintjob. A very smooth finish will help keep the protective layer from rubbing off due to friction.

Decide what colors you want

how much does it cost to repaint a jeep wrangler

Choosing your new paint color is an important step in painting your vehicle! There are many ways to do this, but one of the most popular is matching or blending into the existing paint. This article will talk about some tips for choosing your own personal favorite paint colors for your very own Jeep!

First off, determine if you’re looking at light grays, dark grays, or both. Grays can be hard to tell where it looks good so test out several shades before deciding which ones look best with your car.

For example, if you have darker windows then lighter doors, try doing a few samples on each side to see how they match up. The same goes for if you have white over metal parts, check out how those look in person first!

Once you know whether you need light or dark grays, choose your main base neutral gray by going down all three boxes under “Primary Color” in our hue chart here.

Decide if you want to repaint the whole car

how much does it cost to repaint a jeep wrangler

Even though it is not mentioned in this article, most people begin with deciding whether they just want to paint the exterior of their vehicle. If you are looking to refresh your look or try out some new colors, then choosing only the exterior is enough!

However, many people start painting the interior as well and adding other modifications such as changing up the seats and decorations. This is definitely not wrong, but depending on what your goals are for the vehicle, doing so may be overdoing it slightly.

If you are planning on selling the vehicle soon, investing in more durable materials can sometimes backfire since potential buyers will consider expensive touches a reason to avoid buying the car. On the opposite side, if you plan to keep the vehicle for a long time, investing in things like leather seats and upgraded sound proofing can help preserve the value of the car.

Calculate the cost

how much does it cost to repaint a jeep wrangler

Since we are talking about painting, there is already an expensive side that comes with it! Painting your vehicle is not really that expensive unless you do not know how to handle your paint.

To give you an idea of just how much it costs to repaint your car, let’s look at some numbers. Most people believe that painting a vehicle takes around twenty-four hours. However, this is not true! The average price for professional auto body shops is thirty dollars per hour they work on your vehicle.

This means that even if they only spend one hour on the job, their hourly rate is three hundred dollars! Three hundred dollars an hour can add up quickly if they have to do repairs as well.

Another part of paying too much to get your car painted is having the right colors. Obviously, choosing bright colors will increase the final bill, but finding shades of neutral or darker cars can reduce the overall price.

Fortunately, online sources make it easy to find prices for different types of paints so that you do not need to worry about going wrong when buying them.

Find a repairer

how much does it cost to repaint a jeep wrangler

A professional quality paint job will cost you at least $500, if not much more. That’s what you would pay for an entry level painted vehicle!

Any professional painter or mechanic will tell you that there is no way to know how much their services cost unless you ask. They may even require a down payment before they agree to do the work.

In fact, many professionals don’t take jobs from people who only ask for estimates after the work has been completed.

So when you are looking to have your Jeep re-painted, be sure to do your research first by asking about prices. You might also find it helpful to get several quotes in order to compare costs.

Tell your car owner friend

Even if you are not into painting, talking about it is worth its weight in gold. Painting a vehicle is definitely an art form that takes skill. If you have a good amount of skills in hand painting, then offering to do it yourself is very appealing!

Many people hire professional painters due to them being more skilled than doing it themselves. By hiring professionals, you will save money in the long run as they take care of all the supplies for you!

While costs vary slightly from one painter to another, paying less than $200 typically includes everything needed to paint the vehicle!

Some of these items include primer, paints, brushes, lint-free cloths, etc. The cost of labor varies depending on how many hours the artist spends on the project, so make sure to ask about that before agreeing to pay their price.

Tell your spouse

how much does it cost to repaint a jeep wrangler

When you are up for a new adventure, make sure you have enough money to do it! If they find out you need more cash, this can be very difficult to do.

It’s important to tell your loved one what you plan to do with your car before letting them know that you want to repaint it.

Most people agree that buying a newer model vehicle is an expensive way to start off life as a parent. Taking care of yourself by getting a job first will help prepare you for being a parent later.

When parents bring home their paycheck, spending habits sometimes change– budgeting becomes a thing. This can complicate things when you’re planning on selling your current vehicle in order to invest in a new one.

If your partner finds out how much money you have invested in your favorite vehicle, they may not feel comfortable supporting you both as early retirees.

They might even question if this is really a long term investment or if you’ll still love it in a few years. They could also get upset if you sell it without telling them first.

Interpersonal relationships take work, so don’t expect perfection until then.

Update: As of May 2020, we recommend only investing in vehicles that are less than $20,000 due to the costs associated with painting outside sources. We also suggest holding off on having a second vehicle unless you have proof that you will use it.

Tell your kids

how much does it cost to repaint a jeep wrangler

As we mentioned before, it is very expensive to paint a new vehicle. Even if you are just painting for fun, it is important to know how much this costs.

Vehicle colors can cost over 200 dollars per quart! The average person doesn’t have that kind of money, so they pick a color instead.

But buying a bad car cover or primer pack set isn’t going to do too much good unless you learn how to repair them. Or at least what they will and won’t work on.

So why not let everyone in your family take some responsibility? Let your children help choose their favorite toy and then teach them how to restore it.

This way, they will be saving up for their own ride and learning something valuable as well.

Budget like crazy
Most people don’t realize how much an exterior paint job on a vehicle costs. All manufacturers hide this information, but it is available online and from talk to local professionals.

Knowing how much a standard one-quart professional quality paint job costs makes it easy to budget properly.

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