How Much Does It Cost To Regear A Jeep


Finding out how much it costs to regrease or re-finish your vehicle is not easy. There are so many different factors involved that there is no clear way to know exactly what things cost. What parts you need, where you can get them, and how professional they are will all factor into price.

In this article, I will go over some very basic information about how to determine the average cost of regreasing your vehicle. I will also talk about some important points about timing and media used when refinishing.

Once you have determined how expensive your new coat of paint is, then you can decide if paying for it is worth it! Some vehicles are simply too ugly to cover up with a new layer of paint.

Replace all the panels

how much does it cost to regear a jeep

The next thing you will need is some new pieces for your vehicle’s interior. These include door trims, side trim components like switch covers or air dam mouldings, backlit glove compartment doors, instrument panel bezels, and more! All of these are referred to as “panels” in the car industry.

The easiest way to reglaze an entire set of panels is by buying pre-finished panels that have been painted on one side. You would then glue them onto the old glass surface, buff out any excess glues, and polish off the newly glued layer of paint. This process is repeated until each panel has been restored to its original luster.

Replace the seats

how much does it cost to regear a jeep

The next thing you will need is new seat covers or fabric pieces to put in where there are missing or damaged. These can be picked up at most car dealerships, vehicle accessory stores, or online sellers that cater to cars and jeeps.

It’s important to choose your color wisely. Make sure they match the interior of the car! Many people purchase cheap coverings which look bad and do not fit properly. Check out our article about the best materials for automotive leather to make sure yours are durable and long lasting.

Once you have your covers, you will need to sew them onto the existing cushions. This can be done by buying pre-sewn seat inserts or doing it yourself with sewing machines and supplies.

Make sure to wash these newly purchased seace covers before installing so they don’t stain the original material.

Replace the upholstery

The next thing you will need to do is replace the interior upholstery of your vehicle. This includes the seats, dashboard coverings and steering wheel covers.

It’s important to remember that although leather may be luxurious, it is also expensive. When buying new interior materials, compare similar products across brands and see what people are paying for them.

Leather can cost well over $100 per square foot! So, while they may look cool, heavy use can add up quickly.

There are many budget-friendly alternatives to leather including polyester or wool fabric, fake leather, and cotton. They all work just as well if not better than real leather and typically cost much less.

Sofas and lounger cushions are usually made from polyester fiber which are relatively inexpensive. If you are looking to make a quick upgrade, these are great starting points due to their price.

Repaint the engine

how much does it cost to regear a jeep

After you sell your old vehicle, you will need to find a new home for it! Depending on how well-loved the car is, its potential buyers may want to take it off the market quickly, which can make finding a good seller very difficult.

If you are planning on selling yours soon, then you should think about repainting the engine of your car. This will give it a whole new look that might appeal to a newer buyer or maybe even increase the value slightly.

There are many ways to do this, but most people use spray paint and choose from either white, silver, red, or black as the base color.

Many sellers also include painting the hood in their regrouping costs, so be sure to ask if this would apply to your car before doing it.

Replace the shocks

how much does it cost to regear a jeep

The next thing you will need to do is replace the shocks! These are your vehicle’s shock absorbers, or springs that connect the wheels to the body of the car. There are two types of shocks in every SUV: coil-spring and gas-charged.

Coil-springs work by using an aluminum rod called a piston to compress as the wheel hits a bump or a curb. This creates some space between the top of the spring and the bottom of the piston, which then allows for more movement. As the suspension compresses, it stores energy and later releases this stored energy to help make the ride smoother and more comfortable.

Gas-charged shocks use nitrogen instead of air to create the cushioning effect. Just like with springs, these absorb energy when the vehicle comes into contact with something and then slowly release it so the ride is soft and smooth.

You can find quality aftermarket shocks at any large automotive store or online source such as Amazon. Make sure to look up reviews before buying them though to ensure they are good brands.

Replace the brakes

how much does it cost to regear a jeep

The next thing you will need is new brake pads or shoes for your current set of brakes. Make sure to check both the front and back wheels when buying these parts, as well as the size of brake pad/shoe that matches your vehicle.

It is very important to know what kind of brake system your car has before looking into regearing it. There are two main types: disc and drum-style brakes. Yours can be either one depending on which type of braking you want to achieve.

Disc brakes use friction discs instead of drums to stop the vehicles. They are much more efficient at transferring energy away from slowing down the vehicle, but they are also heavier than drums! That means adding weight in the form of bigger brake rotors and stronger hydraulic fluid is needed to counteract this extra drag.

Drum style brakes work by using steel drums that contain bleed valves and pistons to apply pressure to the brakes. These can become worn out over time due to constant use, so replacing them is another way to regrease your jeep.

There are several online resources that sell aftermarket brake components, so do some research before investing in anything else.

Replace the steering

how much does it cost to regear a jeep

After you have determined that your car needs to be towed, what next? The first thing is to determine if the vehicle can be driven with a functioning front wheel or not. You do this by trying to turn the wheels when it sits still. If you are able to turn the wheels then you can drive off of that axle!

However, until that happens, you will need to find a place to park the car so that you can work on getting it back onto solid ground as soon as possible. This may mean taking it home, finding a friend’s house, or even leaving it in a safe area while you go look for help.

Once it has been parked properly, the next step is to replace the lost or damaged parts of the steering system. This includes replacing the rack and pinion assembly, along with the fluid, both power and hydraulic.

Repaint the exterior

how much does it cost to regear a jeep

The next thing you will need to do is repaint the vehicle! This includes washing the car, picking your color, and doing some touch-ups such as cleaning the headlights and taillights.

It’s important to remember that no matter what kind of paint you pick, it will always set you back about $20 per quart. Because this is an expensive item, make sure you are aware of all of the costs before starting to work on the vehicle.

Some of these additional costs include lube, brushes, rollers, etc. Make sure to look into those prior to painting so you don’t waste any money.

Once everything is prepped and painted, let the professionals handle the drying process. A professional painter has equipment to help dry the vehicle quickly and properly.

Overall, investing in quality paints and doing things like touching up scratches and fading can be spent around $200 depending on how many services you want done.

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