How Long Does It Take To Paint A Bumper


When it comes down to it, painting is more of an art than a skill! There are so many styles in how people paint that there’s no right or wrong way to do it. However, just like with any other artistic expression, takes time to perfect.

That being said, when painting a vehicle bumper, how long you spend on each area depends mostly on two things: 1) what style you want to achieve and 2) your personal speed.

As mentioned before, painting is more about doing whatever style you choose rather than really focusing on details. A lot of people start focusing on small detail brush strokes and such but that’s not necessarily the best approach for every individual. Some prefer large smooth coats which may take longer to apply, depending on the texture of the material.

It all really comes down to how much patience you have and whether or not that person is usually very quick at completing tasks.

Plan your layout

how long does it take to paint a bumper

When painting a car bumper, there are two main areas you will need to cover. These include washing the vehicle first, and then painting the kit.

The washing process includes cleaning all of the dirt and grime off of the car. This is important because if the paint layer has contaminants under it, then that contaminated material will stick to the new coat of primer or topcoat.

After washing the car, apply some primer onto the entire length of the newly painted bumper. Make sure to spread the primer evenly so that it does not pool in any holes or cracks. Let this dry for several hours before applying the final coats.

Now comes the most tedious part – laying down multiple layers of protective clearcoat! Most manufacturers suggest at least three thin layers. Technically speaking, professionals go up to seven depending on how thick the coating is!

Be careful when layering the finish as you do not want to scrape away too much of the old surface. Try using a plastic putty like product as a way to protect the new coat while still being able to pull out any residue.

Make a rough sketch

how long does it take to paint a bumper

Before starting your painting project, you’ll want to make a quick drawing or rough sketch of what you intend to paint. This can be done with any number of tools- either using your computer software, pen and paper, or even doing it by hand!

If you’re using a computer as your tool for creating the image, use photoshop or similar software to create your design. You can then save this new picture as an image and transfer it onto your painted bumper.

Alternatively, you can do this in pen and paper; just take your time to get all of the details down before transferring them onto your car.

Create your painting

Now that you have chosen your base color, it is time to start creating your new bumper! Start by choosing a shape for your bumper. You can choose from circle, square, or octagon shapes depending on what style you want your car to have.

Once you have determined your shape, it is time to pick your brush type and size. Pick a light wash first, such as heavy cream, and then work down into darker shades of paint using a thicker brush. Make sure to mix up both brushes so that you do not get tired of painting the same thing over and over.

Reminder: When painting round objects like headlights, remember that you will need to rotate the object when painting it so that all sides are even.

Let it dry

how long does it take to paint a bumper

After you prime and coat your bumper, let it sit and dry for at least an hour or two before finishing the painting process. This will prevent bubbling and wetting of the clearcoat paint as the vehicle dries.

Some brands require more time to fully dry than others, so be sure to check this out! Once again, make sure everything is protected while drying. You can use paper towels or plastic sheets to help ensure this.

Once it has dried, sand it down using very fine grit papers and buff away any dirt or fingerprints that may remain.

Seal the bumper

how long does it take to paint a bumper

The next step in painting your vehicle is sealing or protecting the painted surface of the bumper. This helps prevent chips, scratches, and fading of the paint!

Sealing comes in two forms: chemical and clearcoat. Chemical seals are done with gel coats which contain solvents that dry more quickly than normal paints. Acrylic gels are one of the most common gel coat types due to their durability.

Most people use black as the base color for the gel coat because it is very durable and does not chip easily. However, white is another good choice as it will show dirt and grease much better!

Clearcoats are just like regular topcoats but they do not have a metallic pigment mixed into them. These get applied over the gel coat and protect the new layer of paint. Most people use semi-gloss or matte finishes for these so they do not reflect light too much.

Some extra tips: Make sure to let each stage of the process dry completely before moving onto the next part! And remember, if you mix chemicals properly, then there are no precautions needed when working with them.

Finish the painting

how long does it take to paint a bumper

After you have completed all of your touches, it is time to finalize the paint job! This includes adding some kind of protective clear coat or coating that will give the bumper its durability.

Most people agree that rubbing the painted area with oil and sandpaper is the best way to do this. Simply pull out a good amount of natural oil from your hands and apply onto the bumper. Let dry for several minutes and then buff away using a piece of paper towel. Repeat until the bumpers are smooth and glossy!

After protecting the new paint with a clearcoat, try taking your car somewhere where there will be lots of traffic so that you can see how well it holds up under stress.

Take it to a professional painter

how long does it take to paint a bumper

Even though you can do your own painting, there are certain processes that require more than just a few minutes of work. Painting a car bumper is one of them!

Making sure all the pieces go onto the vehicle properly and getting the correct layers takes time and patience. Only hire professionals to do their job so that everything comes together seamlessly.

It may cost a little bit more at first, but in the long run, it will be much cheaper than trying to teach yourself how to paint bumpers. Most experts agree that taking some training or even hiring someone experienced is worth the investment for anyone who wants to hone their artistic skills.

Get an expert opinion

how long does it take to paint a bumper

Even though it seems like a simple job, painting is not! There are so many things that can go wrong while you paint your bumper.

If you are new to automotive painting, then chances are you have no idea who all of the professionals around you are. You may know some people in your car club or from social media, but none of them do professional level work.

That’s okay! We’re here to help!

We gathered up some tips about how to take care of your painted vehicle for those who want more detailed instructions. Included in this article are steps on how to correctly paint your bumper!

To make sure your paintjob looks its best, there should be at least two weeks between each stage of the process. That means leaving the house to pick up a part will probably wait until after the next step!

What comes next? Stopping to talk to other experts in the field and reading their reviews before investing in a tool or product! Luckily, you have already done one of these by reading our article on why it is important to use high quality paints.

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