How Long Does A 4 Cylinder Engine Last


Four cylinders are not as popular as two or three, but they do exist! Some cars only have four due to cost or space limitations. Or maybe because their design is more simplistic and easy to build and/or maintain.

A common misconception about four cylinder engines is how long they will last. Many people believe that since it has less pistons per engine than bigger motors, it will burn out much faster. This isn’t always the case though!

Four-cylinders can be just as durable if not longer than larger counterparts! That is why there are so many examples of beautifully running 400 horsepower (300 kW) motors built with small diameter rods and pistons.

The truth is – it depends! And we are going to tell you what it does depend on here.

Inspect it regularly

how long does a 4 cylinder engine last

The length of time your engine will last depends mostly on two things: how well you take care of it, and what type of engine it is.

The first thing to do when looking at your car is to make sure everything looks right and functions correctly. If there are any parts that look worn or used up, they should be replaced!

You can check out our article here for more tips on how to inspect your vehicle properly.

Next, make sure your engine gets adequate fuel and air. Make sure there aren’t large holes in the gas tank, and check both the intake and exhaust systems for clogs or obstructions.

If either one seems loose, tighten them down until it feels snug and secure. A tool like a K-1 wrench can help with this.

Change the oil

how long does a 4 cylinder engine last

Changing your engine’s oil is one of the most important maintenance procedures you will do to your vehicle. After all, it does work hard!

A frequent cause of an old worn out engine is dry oil. As the engine uses oil as its fluid, it can suffer from dry oil if there isn’t enough gets pumped through. If this happens, the engines performance may be hampered as it struggles to turn the wheels and has trouble cooling down.

There are two main reasons that engine oils become dried up- either because they burn off in use or due to poor quality of the oil itself. Make sure to always check your motor’s oil before changing anything else!

It should be at least half full (if not fully) when started every time. A few drops of water will show that it has been used but still works effectively. An empty bottle means that it has burned away and was totally wasted. This would obviously make for some expensive repairs!

Sadly, we cannot tell how much longer your current oil pack lasts without doing something with it.

Change the oil filter

how long does a 4 cylinder engine last

Changing your vehicle’s oil filter is one of the most important maintenance procedures you can do for your engine. An old, worn-out filter could be to blame if your car is suffering from poor performance or even risk of serious injury due to a mechanical failure.

Oil filters contain special nanoparticles that help keep your engine clean by catching small particles and debris. As the oil in your motor gets older, these particles become larger, so the size of the filter needs to increase to ensure they are not allowed into the engine.

But how long an engine will last depends largely upon what kind of engine you have! Some engines require more frequent changes than others. Read on to find out which type of engine requires its own set of rules when it comes to changing their oil filters.

Check the coolant

how long does a 4 cylinder engine last

The last time we checked your car’s cooling system was when you replaced it after you lost control due to overheating. Since then, there have been many things that can cause an engine to stop functioning properly, including having low coolant levels.

If you notice that your vehicle is running hot even though you just started driving it or if its performance decreases as it gets warmer, check the fluid level of the cooling system.

You should also check the color and consistency of the liquid since different fluids contain different proportions of chemicals that help prevent corrosion.

Check the water pump

how long does a 4 cylinder engine last

A few things can go wrong with your car’s engine, including the water pump. The water pump is an integral part of the engine that gets rid of excess fluid from the cylinder bores.

A bad or failing water pump will cause your vehicle to run poorly and possibly even damage other parts of the engine. However, it is not impossible to tell if this has happened- you would have to take the cover off to see!

If you are ever unsure as to whether your car needs its annual check up at the mechanic, then chances are it does not. Water pumps do cost around 100 dollars but there are ways to get a second one free or very cheap.

Ask your friends and family if they know where you could get a good quality water pump for a reasonable price.

Run it regularly

how long does a 4 cylinder engine last

The longer you use your engine, the more likely it is to suffer damage or break down. Things such as wearing out valves and piston rings, oxidation and corrosion of components, and heat-related failure are all potential culprits in engine deterioration.

Most vehicle engines have an inspection schedule that requires you to check for any fluid leaks, proper functioning of each part, and general appearance and performance of the engine. If you find anything suspicious, you should take it into a mechanic to look at more closely.

But before going to those costs, make sure your car is not suffering from other problems first! A simple test is to turn the engine on and see if it will start.

If it does not, then there may be another solution already tried and working. To give your engine some extra love until it finds its next home, we suggest having a look under the hood every once and a while.

While doing so can expose things like water droplets on the windshield or wet feet, only checking when needed is really important.

Knowing how to tell whether your engine needs work is one of the most basic automotive concepts. Even if you never run a car yourself, you’ve probably heard of someone else who could use help determining what symptoms mean.

Lubricate engine components

how long does a 4 cylinder engine last

Along with changing your oil, it is important to check your vehicle’s individual parts for any signs of dryness or lack of lubrication. This can be tricky, as not all engines have visible fluid lines that you can inspect.

You may be able to tell if there is enough engine grease by looking at the shape and size of pistons. The longer they are, the more grease present. You could also feel whether the motor seems lighter than normal, and how much power it produces.

If you do notice problems, try wiping off some of the old oil and see if that fixes things. If so, change the oil type and grade until you find one that works!

Remember, when shopping for new oils, make sure you are buying the correct amount for your car and using the right proportions. A lot of times people assume the most expensive oil is the best, but this isn’t always the case.

Check the engine hoses

how long does a 4 cylinder engine last

The next thing to check is the engine’s hose attachments. These include coolant, power steering fluid, brake lines, and other such things that connect to the vehicle.

Many of these can develop cracks or holes over time due to heat expansion. If you notice any changes in how your car functions or if it seems like there isn’t as much fluid in your tank, have it checked out immediately!

It’s important to remember that water does not last forever, and an empty liquid container means nothing if it has been removed prematurely.

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