How Long Do Toyo Tires Last


The tire you purchase for your vehicle is very important, not only because of how it impacts performance and safety, but also what length of time it will last. Unfortunately, no company that makes tires gives you an exact number as to how long their product will stay fresh in the market.

Most companies estimate how many miles per year a tire will hold its shape with average use by looking at past records and predicting how much usage this new tire will get!

However, things can change when people use different cars or drive different distances depending on the weather and terrain. Also, some vehicles are more abused than others – heavy trucks will most likely need a newer tread pattern than something like a sedan.

The length of time a new tire will keep its shape depends mostly on two factors: how well the tread wears down and whether or not the foam within the rubber layer breaks down and disappears.

Reasons toy tires wear out fast

how long do toyo tires last

The inner tread of your tire can become worn down due to many things. Grinding, scratching or slicing of the outer surface may result in thinning of the tread.

If you are looking to save some money by purchasing new tires, do not purchase fake ones! Many brands make it easy for consumers to compare prices online and via mobile apps. By doing this, you will be spending the same amount of money but buying non-quality tires that potentially won’t last as long.

It is important to know how to tell if your current set of tires is about to give up and when it is time to buy new ones.

Bad maintenance habits

how long do toyo tires last

Unfortunately, even if you take very good care of your vehicle, it can still suffer significant damage due to poor tire repair or replacement choices.

Tire manufacturers recommend changing your tires at least every 60-100 thousand miles depending on their make and model! This is an extremely difficult goal to meet unless you are careful about how you maintain your car.

It is much easier to get through a mile section of highway than it is to keep up with this recommendation. Most people do not realize how quickly 100k can pass by as they spend hours working before they check for tire pressure or rotate the tires.

This article will go into more detail about why these bad auto mechanic practices are so harmful and what you can do to prevent them.

Sensor location

The tread depth of your tire can have an important role in how long it will last. Newer tires are thinner, which means they will wear out faster than older ones!

The sensor that checks for solid traction is located at the very edge of the wheel’s surface area. As such, it only has room to detect whether or not there is enough friction with the road when the tire is just slightly off the ground.

This isn’t a big problem unless you need all the space for speed! If this applies to you then it’s better to go up a size than get a newer, shorter lasting tire.

Also called lug pattern, this design allows for more maneuverability as well as improved stability due to the larger contact patch. However, it takes longer to achieve maximum grip so it’s less efficient for fast driving.

Change your tire

how long do toyo tires last

Changing your car’s tires is one of the most important maintenance tasks you will do to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Properly changing your car’s tires can save you money in repairs, as well as increase fuel efficiency.

It is very important that before putting new tires onto your vehicle, you make sure it has enough pressure. Using low pressure can cause poor performance or damage to the wheels and/or the vehicle.

Also, be sure to check the tread depth of the current set of tires! As mentioned earlier, too thin of a tread can lead to dangerous situations if you need to stop quickly or go off-road. Too deep of a tread can also pose an issue if you must pull over due to lack of traction.

Avoid hitting the wall

how long do toyo tires last

The second most common cause of tire blowout is actually hitting an obstruction. This can be something like another car, a curb or even grass as you speed away.

If your vehicle experiences a catastrophic loss of pressure in its tires due to this reason then you should immediately check for obstructions. You also need to make sure that you are able to safely turn around at least twice to get back home!

Check out our article about wheel alignment for more tips on avoiding potential rolling disasters.


how long do toyo tires last

The price of these types of tires is dependent on two main factors – size and tread depth. Obviously, longer length and diameter toys are more expensive than shorter ones!

The second factor is the amount of tread on the tire. The thinner the tread, the less durable it will be. Manufacturers design toy cars to have very thin layers of tread so that they can still look sleek and pretty but cannot handle much walking or running around.

This way, users know what they get for their money as the tires will not hold up well. It is important to research how many miles per year your car gets used under different conditions before buying new tires.

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