How Long Do Mitsubishi Eclipse Last


When it comes down to it, cars these days are expensive! They cost lots of money to make and manufacture, and most people do not take good care of them.

With that said, there is no reason why you should be spending big bucks on an old car. With some simple tips, then anyone can learn how to handle and restore a used or new Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Here we will go over all of the different parts of the vehicle as well as what needs to be done with each one. We will also talk about the costs associated with each part so you have a basic idea on how much things may cost.

Once everything has been completed, then you can pick which one you would like to keep or if you want to sell it for profit. If you decide to keep it, then you know what to look out for and what needed repairs exist.

History of the Mitsubishi Eclipse

how long do mitsubishi eclipse last

The history of the Mitsubishi Eclipse goes back all the way to 1965, when it was first introduced as an entry-level model in the lineup of cars that now includes the Outlander PHEV. Back then, it had been discontinued for over two years!

The new version of the vehicle is still very popular today. In fact, more than 1.6 million units have been sold since its introduction in Japan in 2005 and worldwide since 2006. That’s almost 100k total sales across both generations!

There are three different body styles of the current generation Eclipse, including hatchback, coupe, and SUV. Each one comes with their own set of features and specs, but they’re all pretty similar under the skin. They’re also relatively economical to run, costing around $20K-$25K depending on which trim you choose.

This article will talk about how long do mitsubishi eclipse last, and what could be some reasons why this car might soon fade away.

Price of the Mitsubishi Eclipse

how long do mitsubishi eclipse last

The price of an Eclipse comes down to how much money you are willing to spend. You get what you pay for, so make sure that you know what features matter most to you before investing in this car.

The base model is the 4-cylinder GLS which costs around $23,000. This engine produces 168 horsepower and 152 lb.-ft. of torque. It also comes with automatic transmission as standard equipment.

If you want more power, then the GT trim level is better suited for your needs. That will set you back about $25,000, but it offers either a 2.4 liter turbocharged I4 making 280 hp or 3.8 liter V6 producing 300 hp. Both come paired to a 6 speed manual gearbox as standard equipment.

Lastly, if you do not care too much about performance, then look into the Outlander PHEV. At only $26,200, this vehicle gets up to 39 MPG when using electric mode and at least 30 MPG while in gas mode.

Is it worth the money?

how long do mitsubishi eclipse last

Although there have been many different versions of the Eclipse, none seem to stick around for too long. This is probably due to them being unpopular or not selling well enough. When they do get rid of the model, it is typically because there are better alternatives available now.

There was once a time when people would pay close to $30,000 just for the name “Eclipse”. Now you can find much cheaper compact cars that carry this name. Due to this, sales of the current generation Eclipse has dropped considerably over the past few years.

This article will talk about how expensive the new fourth-generation Eclipse is! It is also going to look at whether it is worth your hard earned cash. We will be talking about price comparisons as well as reviews so you know what to expect.

What are the latest models?

how long do mitsubishi eclipse last

The most recent model of the Eclipse is the GXi. This vehicle was released in 2017 as a five-door hatchback or wagon. It boasts impressive performance, including 300 hp from its 2.0 L turbocharged I4 engine!

The new GTI version features even more powerful brakes with six piston front discs and larger rear rotors to help you stop quickly. Both cars come equipped with all wheel drive so you can enjoy some off road fun too!

This car also comes standard with dual radar cruise control for safe driving. There’s even an automatic head up display that projects important information onto your windshield!

These advanced safety technologies make the Eclipse one of the safest vehicles on the market.

Is it good enough to be a luxury car?

how long do mitsubishi eclipse last

When most people think of the word “luxury” they typically think about large, expensive cars with lots of features. For example, you have to pay close attention to learn all the different ways that cars try to tell you how luxurious an SUV is.

But what if we asked you whether or not your vehicle was truly a luxury experience? More importantly, what if we told you that there are some less expensive vehicles out there which meet this definition as well?

The term “luxury car” has become very popular in recent years. Many automakers use the term when describing their products. However, none of them agree on what makes a car qualify as a true luxury vehicle.

Many manufacturers place more emphasis on price than anything else. They consider a vehicle to be a luxury experience only if it costs at least double what it would cost to buy another similar model.

This approach seems backwards to us. Why should being wealthy determine if something is a worthy purchase? If you can afford a Mercedes, for instance, then buying a Toyota Camry should feel like a treat rather than a reward.

Another way many automakers define a luxury car is by stating that its interior must be totally customizable. This takes away from the concept of a solid, easy to operate vehicle and turns it into a haphazardly designed space.

We believe that these definitions put too much importance on internal decorations and not enough focus on the driver.

What are the best Mitsubishi models?

how long do mitsubishi eclipse last

The most popular model is almost certainly the Outlander SUV, which has been around since 2005! It still enjoys strong sales numbers to this day. More recent additions to the lineup include the Attitude, Galant Sportback, Lancer GT, Space Commander, and Strada estate.

The new Mirage was introduced in 2018 as a more affordable option than the larger Montero. The current generation of cars will be replaced next year, so make sure you’re looking out for it!

What about engines? You have your choice between a 2.4-liter turbocharged petrol engine or a 1.5-litre diesel power unit. Both are smooth and powerful, with lots of character.

Lastly, there’s also an electric motor that can be used either alone or in conjunction with one of the other units. This allows for up to 100km (62 miles) per charge when using the regular combustion engine, and around 40 km (25 miles) if you opt for battery only running.

What are the best features?

how long do mitsubishi eclipse last

One of the main reasons why people choose the new Eclipse is because it looks amazing! It has been praised for its sleek, stylish look that many drivers love to admire as they roll down the window.

It also boasts some incredible technology that helps make driving more comfortable for passengers and safe for other cars around you. These include active cruise control, lane keep assist, blind spot monitor, automatic high beams, back up sensors, and much more.

These features work in tandem to help protect you and your vehicle from potential accidents or violations. While some of these may seem expensive upfront, they are very cost effective in the long run!

This article will talk about all of the different types of engines the new Eclipse can be equipped with, what power levels each engine size range comes at, and how durable they are. We will then discuss the fuel economy estimates for each model year and price bracket.

We would like to emphasize that while great fuel efficiency is always appreciated, this article should not be used to determine which vehicle is better than another. This article only compares similar vehicles within one brand’s lineup.

Your mileage may vary depending on how efficient you are as a driver as well as traffic conditions.

What are the worst features?

The back hatch is very small, making it difficult to access large items such as beach towels or blankets. There is only one handle so lifting it up can be tricky too.

The rear windshield washer nozzle seems like it would work but never gets any water! We tried putting in different types of fluid and changing how much liquid there was but it will not work.

No driver’s seat which makes getting into and out of the vehicle uncomfortable for anyone over 5 feet tall. This is especially important if you have heavy cargo in the back.

There is no trunk release lever nor pin that goes through the latch at all! You must use your key fob to open the lid! None of these things seem necessary in this price range car. If you need one of those extra-large trunks, look elsewhere.

When reviewing cars with less than 100,000 miles on them, make sure they do not suffer from major mechanical failures within the first few months of ownership! These vehicles should function well for several years without significant repairs! Check out our list above and see what problems we found during initial inspection.

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